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VMware Project Onyx – Turn vSphere Mouse Clicks into PowerCLI

August 31st, 2009

I stumbled across a tweet the other day by Carter Shanklin who I hope most of you know. For those that don’t, Carter Shanklin  is a product manager over at VMware specialising in the VMware PowerCLI and other automation tools.

His tweet was about a new project called Project Onyx, which on initial inspection is a tool that allows you to see and capture the powershell code behind actions in vSphere vCenter.  This project is at a very early stage as you will probably see in the video embedded below, however this is a very exciting development for those new to PowerCLI.

Some time back I sat my Hyper-V MCTS exam and one of the things I really liked about Microsoft’s SCVMM product was the ability to see the powershell behind the actions you were carrying out.  It was like a head start on powershell automation, giving you a chance to see what was happening, allowing you to dissect, copy it and re-use it however you wanted.

I’m hoping that VMware are planning something similar here,  perhaps a plug-in for vCenter! I personally struggle sometimes with the PowerCLI and the syntax, etc.  If I could see the code behind an action I was trying to automate a good part of the work would be done already.

This project is currently in the early stages of development.  In order to get this project up and running VMware are looking for people to help them Beta test project Onyx.  They have put the call out for a handful of “dedicated people with a burning need for automation”

Get yourself over to VMworld session VM2241 with your business card and put yourself forward to help this promising looking project gain some traction.

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