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Veeam – free Xmas gift

December 13th, 2008

Sometime ago now I blogged about Veeam FastSCP a product I use a lot, one that is very handy and best of all it’s free.

To mark the festive season the nice guys over at Veeam have decided to give away “another great free tool”.  If it’s anywhere near as good as FastSCP,  it’ll be worth registering for.

If your readers are among the 50,000+ people who have downloaded Veeam’s popular freeware, FastSCP, they’ll be interested to hear that Veeam is about to make available another great free tool. Just in time for the holidays, VMware pros can visit and register to be among the first to receive Veeam’s newest free tool to help manage VMware.
We’ll be unveiling what the new free tool is on Dec. 22 – everyone who registers will automatically receive a download link that day via e-mail.
This holiday gift is marked “do not open until Dec. 22.”

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Veeam FastSCP

September 30th, 2008

Was looking at Veeam’s website yesterday as I was researching the Veeam Monitor product and I came across Veeam FastSCP.  With claims of being 6 times faster than SCP and with the the ability to read in multiple ESX server and allow ESX to ESX copies it sounded like a must have product.  Then I found out it was totally free??!! It became a complete no brainer and I downloaded it. 

Up until now I’ve been using WinSCP which was fine but it always lacked that ability to do ESX to ESX copies.  instead you had to copy to a windows share and then on to the eventual destination ESX Server.  This was a common scenario for me putting static clones out to our DR site.  So today I’ve used Veeam FastSCP for the first time and copied a clone directly from production ESX to our ESX environment out at DR.  I have to say I like it, get your free copy at the address below.

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