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Popular Posts – BlueBear and vmware-vmrc

November 25th, 2008

I wrote a post about bluebear 0.0.2 beta invites back in October and still have about 30 beta invites left if people are still interested.  This beta invite will allow you access to all the future beta releases from Bluebear and allow you 5 invites to send out yourself.

vmware-vmrc remote console has been a very popular post,  lots of people seem to be landing on it from Google. It’s obviously stirred up interest out there and I hope people are getting good use out of it,  I have to say I always like this feature in ESX 2.5 and am glad to see that they’re planning to incorporate it into VI4. when it comes out.

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VMware Remote Console – Vi3, Vmware Server 2

October 8th, 2008

I read with interest a post by Eric Sloof a couple of weeks back on the VMware remote console that comes with VMware Server 2.0.  I had a particular need for something like this to allow developers to connect in to a new windows 2008 domain with SQL Server 2008 that was on an ESX 3.5i server and firmly ring fenced through an internal switch.  I wanted to get people on to the box without having to install the VI Client for everyone and this VMware remote console sounded perfect for the job.  

So how did I get this all working, well here are the steps I took

  • I first set about installing VMware Server 2.0 which can be downloaded here for free.
  • I installed it on to a windows XP physical PC (won’t install on a virtual pc / server)
  • Navigate to C:Program FilesVmwareVmware Servertomcatwebappsuiplugin
  • Locate and run the vmware-vmrx-win32-x86.exe within the folder.
  • The application will install to C:Program FilesCommon FilesVMware
  • You can now take the entire folder and deploy on different machines or alternatively just install the vmware-vmrx-win32-x86.exe wherever it’s needed.
  • You need to run it from the command line as follows,  note the case of the VM folder and VMX file as it is case sensitive, additional syntax can be found here 

        vmware-vmrc -h -m “[Storage1] XP1/XP1.vmx”

  • So I’ve batched it and used the -u (user) and -p (password) switches and at some point I’ll try do something funky to allow a user to select the host and machine.


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Vmware Server 2.0 Released

September 24th, 2008

VMware server 2.0 was released yesterday

VMware Server 2
Version 2.0.0 | 116503 – 09/23/08 575 MB EXE image

VMware Server 2 for Windows Operating Systems. A master installer file containing all Windows components of VMware Server.

VMware Server provides a superior introductory experience to virtualization with a stable, easy-to-use hosted virtualization platform that supports a broad range of operating systems and hardware. This next-generation version introduces a new intuitive Web-based management interface to provide a consistent management
experience for Windows® and Linux users. VMware Server allows quick provisioning of virtual machines by supporting over 30 flavors of guest operating systems, including Windows Server® 2008, Windows Vista and various Linux distributions. Using proven and stable technology, VMware Server leverages the built-in virtualization capabilities in the latest generation server hardware to deliver higher performance.

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